The furnace ignition

On Wednesday the 13th  of January 2015, we celebrated together the ceremony of the ritual of the end of the assembly of the furnace vault of the second line of float glass.

At the end of the ceremony, an appointment was given for the ignition of the furnace which will consecrate the ultimate crowning of the efforts and sacrifices of the whole community who participated from near or far in the realization of this gigantic project. 

Being faithful as always, on Monday, March 28, 2016, Men and Women of MFG were present to mark once more in gold letters another memorable date of the life of our company. 

Indeed at 15:30 exactly of this unforgettable day was ignited the furnace of the 2nd float glass line of MFG. 

It is with great pride that Mrs LATROUS, Director of the Transformation Factory and PSI has carried this very significant TORCH, along with all MFG staff and the Chinese partner in charge of the furnace construction. To Mr YALLES ABDELGHANI, Managing Director of MFG, returned the honour to ignite the first burner of the furnace. 

The launch of this second float glass line is a symbol of success and progress and also a remarkable contribution to the country’s economy. 

An inauguration ceremony was organized for this great occasion, marked by the presence of the entire management of the company and those of our Chinese partner. 

This new achievement is the result of a long-term, hard-working and committed work of a unified and ambitious community, which has converged all its efforts to mark once again a step towards the development for the company MFG in particular and the CEVITAL group in general.