The MEDIREFLECT® is a reflective glass with soft layers of metal oxides; the deposits are made at room temperature, after the manufacture of the glass. It has been carefully designed to meet the dual requirements of architects, namely the functional and aesthetic, perfectly suited for solar control and glare reduction applications.

Transformation (manufacture of double glazing using soft layer glasses)

The manufacturing process of glazing incorporating a soft layer (double glazing) is not quite similar to that of ordinary glazing, it is subject to precautions in terms of handling, transport, storage, cutting and washing, it is especially important to avoid the contact between the layer and the hard or pointed objects and to keep the layer of the upper side during its handling on the tables and the conveyors because, there is always dust and micro-debris which arise on the cutting and shaping tables.

Thus, prior to assembly, peripheral shrinkage is required to remove the layer where the seal will be applied.

In summary, you pay attention to:

  1. Use demineralized water for washing;
  2. Keep the layer face up while machining the layered glass (cutting and shaping);
  3. Never put the layer in direct contact with the sealing ring (silicone), it must be made out;
  4. Make sure the layer is inside the double glazing (face 2 or 3).

The special properties of MEDIREFLECT® allow it to reflect light and incident solar energy by limiting the heat input. Thus, the MEDIREFLECT® is intended to be assembled in double glazing and adapted to most types of facade glazings in buildings.

Residential buildings, offices, commercial school buildings, industrial buildings.

The layer can be in position 1, after quenching, or in position 2.

Assembly Field of visible Ultra Violet Solar Energy Shade Rendering of colors in transmission Ra %
Transmission TL% Reflection R% Transmission TUV % Transmission Te % Outdoor Reflection % Absorption Ae % Solar Factor g % (EN 410) Ug w/m2.k (N673)
4/16/4 61 38 36 33 30 12,0 62 2,6 Neutral 97
5/16/4 60 38 35 32 29 13,5 61 2,6 Neutral 98
6/16/4 62 37 34 31 29 14,9 60 2,6 Neutral 98
8/16/4 60 37 32 29 28 17,5 59 2,6 Neutral 98
10/16/4 60 37 31 28 27 20,1 57 2,6 Neutral 98
12/16/4 59 36 29 27 26 22,4 56 2,6 Neutral 98