The CE marking “European conformity” is the main indicator of a product compliance with EU legislation and allows free movement within the European market. By affixing the marking on its products, MFG declares it complies with all the obligations envisaged for the marking itself, and becomes responsible for its circulation in the European Economic Area and in Turkey. The marking indicates that MFG has checked the compliance of the product with the basic requirements of safety, health and environmental protection. 

This certificate is subject to compliance with the CSICERT regulations for the certification of the products, processes and services and to comply with the special rules of doc. CSICERT 008/01. 

It concerns the JUMBO laminated glass production line. 

Certificat UNI

The technical approval of low-emissivity layered glass with or without solar control provides the technical description of the treated glass that achieves the mentioned performance levels, provided that they are treated in accordance with the requirements set out in the text. 

In this text, the product is identified and the expected performance of the product is determined by implementing and using the product in accordance with what is described therein. 

The technical approval includes regular monitoring and adaptation to the state of the technics when these changes are relevant. It is submitted to a triennial revision. 

It concerns low emissivity layered glass Medistar S. 

The quality of the glazings is marked CEKAL! 

CEKAL is the quality mark for glass products whose high requirements exceed those of the regulatory level. It allows the manufacturers to add value to their insulating, laminated, and tempered glasses, the professionals to use them with confidence, the consumers to know the performances and each one to contribute to a sustainable future. 

ALGERAC Accreditation For the MFG Central Laboratory. Always involved in the improvement of quality and customer satisfaction, the central laboratory of MFG has obtained a favorable decision of accreditation for physicochemical tests of glass at the end of the ALGERAC evaluation. (The Algerian body of Accreditation) according to ISO / IEC 17025.2005.
This accreditation attests to the technical competence of the MFG laboratory in the field of physicochemical analyzes of raw materials and finished products of float glass and the proper functioning in this laboratory of a suitable quality management system.


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