Glass for Household Appliances

The glass with its characteristics is noble, hygienic, decorative and resistant, it is also the best ally to the different household appliances hot or cold..

MFG offers a very rich range of glass that accompanies the elements of your kitchen, and guarantees an irreproachable quality for your cooking devices or refrigerators.

No compromise between design and practice, MFG offers a variety of high performance glass in sizes, cuts and treatments.

Thus it satisfies the technical need without neglecting the aesthetic aspect, for that it offers:

Glass products constitute an extremely varied set of solutions whose properties are unlimited. These depend mainly on the composition, but also on the different treatments undergone during their transformation.

MFG as a glass manufacturer has a real know-how and a deep knowledge of the glass industry. Thus MFG offers its customers quality products and measured solutions.

The MFG household appliance line has:

  • A multitude of shapes and sizes;
  • Multilayer printing to the glass border;
  • An array of color choices;
  • Low emissivity solutions.
The Part Hot
The Part Cold

Previously hidden, major household appliances now become decorative elements. And thanks to the continuous innovation in this sector, which has been able to combine aesthetics with technical design.
MFG’s household appliances glass are distinguished by design and attention to detail. Thus, great attention is paid to reliability and total safety, reducing consumption and ease of use.

1-glasses used for interior and intermediate windows of oven doors:
-Clear tempered glass: a safety glass, resistant to impact and heat. It allows greater transparency.
-glass low-e: a low emissivity glass, it sends the heat back inside the oven, which allows to save energy. It is systematically tempered, to provide a very good thermal and mechanical resistance.

2-The glasses used for external windows:
-Screen-printed glass: a customized decoration glass, thermally tempered, it resists impacts and contributes to the aesthetic appearance of ovens.
-Reflective glass: a glass studied to withstand the heat, characterized by its reflective layer, which allows bringing an aesthetics of “mirror” type of to the oven door, while having a vision inside as soon as it works.

Inside Glass

Intermediate glass

Outside glass

Headband (control for oven)


Cooking plate

To keep our food fresh and to preserve it in a healthy way we use everyday household appliances such as fridges and refrigerators which are a synonym for very low temperature.

The glass that is used in these devices as an essential component must withstand these low temperatures and thermal shock, for this MFG opts for treatments like Tempering, and other treatments like CNC machine processing, edge forming and specific shapes.

In order to meet the diverse tastes of our customers and thanks to our high technology equipment we ensure the customization of glass (colors, cutouts and shapes) for a topical design.

Shelves without plastic injection

Screen printing shelves

Double glazed fridge door

Silkscreen fridge door